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  1. Hey guys, I manage a little over 2,000 workstations with MBAM through Kaseya. I would say about half of our Active Detection's are due to some tools we store locally on each machine. Is there a way to exclude, or ignore a folder from getting scanned when running a Full Scan?
  2. Humm... Yeah, that would actually be an ideal way... I just got RealTemp 3.70 to work, but it isn't going to work for me. I modified the INI file, so it launches minimized, and logs the temperatures, but you actually have to physically close the program for it to dump the results to the text file. If i try to taskkill it/PID Kill it, or use Close Application through Kaseya, it wont report, which is very odd... So I'm afraid I'm back to the drawing board
  3. I help manage a little over 2,000 workstations. One of the things I'm not able to do, is monitor the workstation temperatures. What I would love to find, is a program that runs for literally like a second, just enough to grab CPU temperatures, and log that into a text file. Then I can just pull the file off remotely. I would like to have all this happen completely silent, but if not, I can figure something out. From what I can tell, programs like Speedfan/CoreTEMP wont dump to a text file unless you physically open them up first. Anyone know of any programs that may help me with this? Or any other way?