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  1. Thank you, to everyone, for helping to clarify what Malwarebytes does and doesn't do. I have not had any kind of errors or corruption on my PC...I was just reacting to all the news reports on TV today. I could not find a "scan" to run on the dcwg site, but I did find an explanation of how to manually check my PC. I got into CMD mode and checked the ipconfig /all information, comparing the addresses listed under DNS on my PC with a list of "bad" address ranges. I remember doing that about a year ago, after a newspaper article suggested it. So I think I can ignore all the disaster warnings on network news. Thanks for all you help.
  2. Sorry to sound dense about this, but I'm still not sure whether Malwarebytes (the FREE version) checks for this DNS changer malware. I've checked my PC at more than one "checker" site (all found on the FBI's official web site), and I always get a green background/banner/border/whatever that says it APPEARS I do not have the malware on my computer. But it ALSO says that if my "ISP is redirecting DNS traffic for its customers", my PC may STILL be infected. One reply in this string just gives complicated instructions about how to remove the malware (I thought that Malwarebytes automatically removed malware when it found it in a scan). The last post says Malwarebytes DOES remove the DNS changer "on the computer end". I thought to myself, "what other end IS there?" It also says that it is a good idea to "scan your setup" at the site, "as this can also change settings in a router if you use one". Why would I want the dcwg to change my router settings?! I have been running Malwarebytes free version for about 18 months now. It has never, EVER said that it found a single instance of malware. That's either very good (very lucky)...or the free program, which I DO update regularly, isn't really able to detect current malware programs.