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  1. Hi, My name is Joe, and I'm an alcoholic a first time poster. Recently my hard drive failed and so I purchased a new one, recovered my data (for less than $100, thankfully!), and have now recently installed Windows 7. I sought to look for a good antivirus program. I haven't paid much heed to the world of malware, spyware, viruses etc. because I haven't had any problems in years. My whole life (and by that I mean the last 3 years) I was using AVG, and I recall I disliked certain aspects of it. Based on a somewhat more than cursory examination of a number of recent discussions, I decided MBAM seemed t to have the most consistent praise. I then realised I needed an AV program to go along with it. This is how I stumbled upon this thread. You guys have been most helpful. Just wanted to create an account to say so. Thank you! PS. Daledoc, your doggy avatar is adorable!