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  1. I'd just like to add my welcome as well Merijn, good to see you on the team here.
  2. Your eye is everywhere. Nice to see you here

  3. Hi Mac (sorry Scotty force of habit), nice to see a familiar face.
  4. Hi I'm Gary R, I help out at MRU, Spyware Warrior and Tom Coyote. Recently installed a copy of RR as I like to run programmes before recommending their use. Initial install was from Security Wonks and appeared to install OK. I then attempted to update and appeared to be successful, but after that everything went wrong. Programme failed to respond and I shut it down. When I tried to start it up again all links/shortcuts to it ceased to function (including the ones in start/all programs) giving a message that I didn't have the correct permissions to access it. clicking on the exe in the Rogue Remover folder was similarly unsuccessful. I attempted to uninstall it and got the same prompts (sorry didn't note the exact wording). Tried a new install to enable me to uninstall it, still no joy. Luckily I always create a Restore Point before any new install, so I was able to delete files and folders (or at least all the ones I could find) and do a restore to remove the registry entries. Any ideas what happened?