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  1. Malwarebytes Premium keeps popping up saying I need to update. Also if I open MBAM there is a triangle next to Database Version v2014.05.19.11 and says to update now. I click Update Now, it says checking for updates then does nothing and says No Updates Available then goes back to screen with triangle saying to Update Now again. MBAM Version Database: v2014.05.19.11 Windows 8.1 64-Bit fully updated I tried removing malwarebytes, rebooting and reinstalling. I also tried running MBAM clean removal tool and rebooting and reinstalling, same issue. I then removed MBAM thru programs and features, then ran MBAM clean, then made sure no MBAM folders existed under programdata, programfiles, and appdata, also went into regedit and searched Malwarebytes and removed every single registry key pertaining to malwarebytes, then ran CCleaner to remove all temp files, rebooted, re-downloaded brand new fresh mbam.exe from website, installed mbam, same exact issue is happening still. Is there an issue with the current update that borked something? Any help would be appreciated thanks