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  1. Update: I have followed the advice I found on another thread: "The fix(s) If you already have MBAM installed on your computer. Please navigate to the MBAM folder located in the Program Files directory. Locate MBAM.exe and rename it to winlogon.exe Once renamed double click on the file to open MBAM" I have now been able to open MBAM and it is currently running a Full Scan of my computer. I will update again when the scan has completed. Any help in the meantime is greatly appreciated! Thank you
  2. Hi, About an hour ago my computer was infected with a virus as I was streaming a video. A windows command processor keeps popping up on my computer. I attempted a System Restore twice but each time it was unsuccessful in solving the problem. I was directed to your site and so downloaded Malwarebytes to my computer. My problem is - it will not run on my computer - is the virus stopping this from running? My operating system is Windows 7 on an HP computer. My anti-virus software is Microsoft Security Essentials - it has just alerted me that it has found Trojan:Win32/Ramnit.D and it has been Quarantined. Please help! This is my first virus and I have no idea what to do!