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  1. Hello, I don't speak english enough, so a friend helped me to translate your answer. The detection was due to a parameter of Visual Studio : "Compagny : Hewlett Packard" . Thus it was really a false positive. Then I modified the "compagny" parameter, and there's no longer detection. Thanks for your quick answer !
  2. scuse me but i don't understand ( i'm french) i can say : i have HP computer and it's my projects ( visual basic) who are detected
  3. Hello This application is my web radio in visual basic language. For open this application ( not the zip) , you must write the password. The button " obtenir illégalement le pass" is a funny URL ^^ tool detected.ziptool detected.zipIf you have other questions , please speak in easy english Thanks
  4. scan virus total : https://www.virustotal.com/file/8e5261b9d2c913283d8e45c1e875305c53c30aadd9368d7ff12066a5a06f736e/analysis/1345313759/
  5. hello scuse me for my english but i'm french ^^ i scanned my pc on the afternoon and i see 14 false positive in the report in fact , the false positive are my projects in visual basic express 2010 the false positive : C:\Users\daftcrack31\Desktop\visual basic\VB web radio\VB web radio.exe (Backdoor.Bot.HPWGen) -> Aucune action effectuée. C:\Users\daftcrack31\Documents\Visual Studio 2010\Projects\true web radio\true web radio\obj\x86\Release\VB web radio.exe (Backdoor.Bot.HPWGen) -> Aucune action effectuée. and there are the same 14 false positive cordially ps : if you have questions , please speak in a very easy english. thanks you