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  1. Many thanks! I found this issue yesterday and this seems to have fixed it. I'm on XP32 SP3 and I got a runtime error when trying to update. After reading this thread I restarted in safe mode with internet and logged into the default admin account where I was able to update and run a thread scan without a problem. Now everything seems normal on my everyday account too.
  2. The IP belongs to according to Bright Cloud and DShield. 11.000 employees. 0/38 blacklisted at
  3. I forgot to add that I have reported this issue to Deezer, let's see what they answer.
  4. Streaming services like Deezer or Spotify seem to work mith many different providers. When I used Spotify Malwarebytes sometimes blocked half a dozen sites in a couple of days. I'm sure that they were caused by Spotify because I was using its client and no browser was opened at the time. Right now, as I write, Malwarebytes is blocking every time that a new song plays on the deezer player.
  5. I'm getting this exact same block today and I can tell you that it happens when I try to access, a legitimate music streamming service. It is preventing me from accessing to my songs.
  6. Hello again. I have found two more IPs' searching the logs from the last days: These ones are from Germany and the previous ones from Nederland. Do you know if they are connected in some way? Also, aren't IPs' in Europe dynamic? Mine changes everyday. Sorry I don't know how this things work. Thanks for your help!
  7. Understood. I have submited a support request to Spotify with your response.
  8. They both were blocked as outcoming connections on different days while I was using Spotify Premium. No browser was opened at the moment.