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  1. Thanks for your answer, so I've clear my mind that it's normal... But yeah! I've to disable Malicious Website Protection start with windows and enable it manually to let it work and disable Self-defend too!!!
  2. I installed MBAM and when I search registry entries for something, I can't find any MBAM entries both HKCU and HKLM at all. So MBAM always start with none of the protections, try to restart, clean uninstall with re-install again but it's the same. What can I do? no registry entries is normal?
  3. Hi, I'm Ken and I'm admin in Pantip Software & Hardware Thailand group in Facebook. I really need license for Giveaway to give it in my group just 3 Licenses with 1 year in each. Because I want people to use legal license instead of illegal that shows on all sites. Have you please me to give me 3 licenses to do this deal? I've got random number application to do this giveaway. Our group in Facebook : and you can join to look all activities from us members If you can give me the request, contact me at , ,
  4. Ok, The best way to do now is uninstall MBAM and use other application instead. Because this problem appears often. Try to use mbam-clean- to remove MBAM then re-install again after restart everything be the same. Repair by install over the one installed, all is the same........ Don't know what happen to my PC, use RogueKiller, TDSSKiller, McAfee Stnger, etc. to clean but all the same without any infected. Bye bye MBAM, I'll miss you (T_T)
  5. look at my file to solve problem please dds.txt attach.txt
  6. Everytime I start my PC, Malwarebytes icon always turn to GREY and Protection is Partially Enabled as like it's not enable malicious website blocking, and I can't click to enable it. How can I solve this problem?