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  1. Thank you for your expert help and patience when I was ready to give up. You are awesome! Thank you for your quick response, as well!

  2. Good morning..OK let's roll! I cannot find Action center or SharedAccess BUT..windows firewall is on now..
  3. Well, OK then..done. Are there any other scans we need to run or any other places we should look for remnants of this nasty thing? What next? You have been a great help and I so appreciate your patience. Thank you very much!
  4. No. Not working. Found first folder, did not work. We have both spent a lot of time on this and I so appreciate your help. Are we just down to getting the Windows Firewall to work again? Can we use another firewall program?
  5. Never got to the folder. Never saw clntrep.exe. Only saw a bunch of other things it wans me to download like music, freeware, etc.
  6. one one user/administrator on the computer
  7. Cannot extract. I get error message "component pcwintech_tabs.ocx or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid
  8. Still unable to update or turn on Windows Firewall
  9. Am in the process of cleaning up from a nasty virus and have the pro version of MBAM, up to date. I cannot select the "enable malicious website blocking" but everything is checked. Am currently working with someone in another forum to clean up from the virus and I discovered this problem. He suggested I post that problem in this forum. Thanks for your help!
  10. The windows firewall erro code is 0x80070424