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  1. John A is correct. You need to do an uninstall, reboot if necessary, and then re-install to clear it. I tested this on my end to make sure. Sorry about the inconvenience everyone!
  2. No need. This should be fixed server side now. If you are still seeing the issue you can reinstall and it should fix the UI and stop notifying you of the "new" version.
  3. AdamKertesz, Hello! We are aware of the issue and we are doing what we can to fix this server side. Thank you for reporting and please bear with us while we fix this.
  4. Ahhh I think I understand now. So are you saying Bitdefender was flagging ABBYY, but Anti-Ransomware was not flagging ABBYY?
  5. Were you running ABBY during the time it was quarantined? What happened at the time of quarantine?
  6. Hi there shmu26, For ABBYY, did you have Finereader installed? It sounds like it based on your description.
  7. Please let us know how the BETA goes for you. We are very interested in your feedback and any improvements that need to be made.
  8. Hi there Demonz, A few questions: When does MBAM Crash? (During a scan, with Hyper-v manager opened, during a scheduled scan/update?) Have you reinstalled and are still seeing the issue? (sounds like it's resolved, but I want to ask again to make sure )
  9. Hi everyone, I've been told that there will be an announcement later this month regarding the LabTech integration.
  10. Hi there! I roughly understand the issue, but before that I'd like to ask a few questions. Do you get any errors when attempting to activate your license? (Error 400, 401, etc.)Could you PM me your key so we can check it on the server as well?
  11. Hello jcarnevale09, We are currently working with LabTech and we have an integrated version scheduled for release around August.
  12. We are currently analyzing the situation and we are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. To answer a few of your questions/concerns: you'd think they would do a simple QA scan against a folder full of known good OS files before releasing to the wildWe do have False Positive tests in regards to new databases being pushed out. This had fallen through the cracks and we are currently analyzing exactly why this happened in the first place.Zero response from Malwarebytes sales or support so far​We are doing our best to address each issue as they come up and if you still do not get a response, Marcin had responded in another thread that you can also respond directly to him as well.Please bear with us as we try to analyze and find the best solution that we can for anyone that this has inconvenienced.
  13. Hello There! I'd like to get more information if you don't mind. What window pops up? (main UI or a notification of some sort?)What does the message you can see say? (Something on the dashboard, something in a pop-up window?)Could you also attach the logs daledoc (Hi Daledoc!) requested.
  14. Let's try to narrow this down. You have: Ran mbam-clean. Re-installed MBAM Running Windows 10.Could you do the following for me? Open the Start Menu by hitting the Windows Key: Type in Notification Area Icons. Open the first search. Look for Malwarebytes Anti-Malware in the list. Take a screenshot of the settings you see or report it back
  15. Thanks for the assistance everyone, and glad you have your installation running. Please let us know if you have any more issues.