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  1. does this qualify as a new thread or does it need to be opened in another forum?
  2. This a different computer. I had to format the drive on the last one. PM'd the helper and he told me to open a new topic for this computer.
  3. I have an XP workstation that has the FBI moneypak virus that won't let me login in safemode. How do handle that?
  4. Can't scan any drive but c with the mbar program. Can't get into safe mode (it reboots now every time any version of safe mode is selected) so It is of no use in this situation.
  5. Read the instructions but not sure how to implement it since I can't get past the FBI screen and can't get safe mode to come up without the FBI page either. can I use this program to scan the drive as a secondary drive on a clean computer?
  6. By the way I do agree to your terms. Please furnish the download link.
  7. Would love to try it. I'm in the position of either trying this or reformatting the drive. Thanks!!
  8. Seem to have gotten a new version of FBI - moneypak. It won't let me run in any safe mode (XP media) or bring up the task manager. Just loads it ransom screen and can't access anything. Are there any tools that will kill it if I put the infected drive as a secondary drive on a clean computer?