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  1. Follow-up: I followed your link's instructions for uninstall/re-install of MBAM Premium to the letter. The only glitch in the instructions were: "Please make sure to uncheck the Trial checkmark near the end of the installation." I saw no such opportunity. "Launch the program and click on the Activation button. Then copy and paste your activation ID and Key into the dialog box." I saw no Activation button in the GUI. Yet my new License details indicate I have a new Lifetime License, and a new key I have not seen before, and which I had not entered. There is no Identifier, nor any space to enter one where it would normally appear. Nonetheless MBAM Premium with all real-time protection enabled seems now to be fully activated, and working as well as before, even after 2 reboots. And XP/sp3 is working at full speed in all aspects. As the kids say, "It is all good". And I thank you. I don't know whether to chalk this up to the entropy of a 10 year old XP subjected to a lot of security program testing/patches over the years, or to the spate of problems noted by XP+MBAM users recently, involving severe slowdowns or freezing. Either way, I'm grateful for your help. Joe
  2. Thanks, daledoc1: My absence from the forum is an indicator of just how trouble-free MBAM has been for many years (on all my systems). I will get back to you with my results shortly. Joe
  3. I don't use XP/sp3 much anymore, except as a backup, and in fact haven't used it at all in many weeks. It worked just fine the last time I used it. But when I fired it up today, it was unusable. The screen was frozen, there was an alert about some MBAM service error, and I had to shut down the computer using the power button. A reboot did not help- same problems recurred. I was able to boot into Safe Mode with Networking. The MBAM Premium GUI told me my Real-Time protection was off, even though that option was checked in "Settings". So I disabled all the real-time protection, and removed MBAM from my Startup list. I restarted XP, and everything worked well. A manual MBAM scan detected nothing (as usual. In fact this PC has never been infected with malware, AFAIK). But there is no question that MBAM's real-time protection crippled my computer. I also noticed that my License details have disappeared from the GUI. There is nothing next to "Identifier:" or to "Key:". Next to both "State:" and to "Duration:" is "Unknown". I have to think this is related to the first problem noted. In fact a Lifetime license was granted me after I beta-tested the first versions of MBAM, back in 2007. I still have both the Identifier and Key codes - but no way to re-enter them in the current GUI. And I'm certainly reluctant to attempt re-enabling real-time protection until this problem is sorted out. Any advice on how best to achieve the status quo ante?
  4. Well, maybe fine tuning of MBAM 2.0 might solve the conflict I reported before support for 1.75 is dropped. In the meantime nothing is broken on XP, and my numerous scanners and security utilies report no threats, no PUPs, and no problems. (Including MBAM). I see no need to waste the time of a malware removal expert, under these circumstances. In any event my XP is just a backup system for my Win 7. I am using Win 7 for most of my internet needs, given that XP has now met its end of life.And MBAM 2 works just fine on my Win 7. Thanks to all who replied.
  5. Considering that I'm using XP, then I can't use IE10 or 11. I'm using IE8. However, you are correct - if I switch to compatability mode, then I do see the option for XP. The thing is, I no longer need help. My Taskbar is restored, MBAM 2 is gone, MBAM 1.75 is re-installed, and Photoshop 5.0 is working. My XP is working as well as it has for almost a decade. I'm sure it will survive without MBAM 2 (I have unchecked the "Download and install program update if available" option in the Updater Settings tab of 1.75). Thanks to all.
  6. I most surely scrolled down, and XP was definitely not listed in the OS options available (screenshot attached). I will take your word however that XP is supported. I would be happy to post in your "Malware Removal Help" forum, if this is the proper venue. Just let me know what further scans I should run, and which logs to post. I am familiar with most of the scanners out there, although I am no malware removal expert.
  7. Ron Lewis: Thanks again for your reply. I understand your position. Be advised that as a paying customer, I used your link to obtain help, against the possible chance I was infected with something (which all my experience tells me is highly unlikely). Your link asked for my OS as a mandatory entry, but the drop-down box did not include XP, so I could not complete the request. I can only conclude that MBAM, like MS, no longer supports XP. Fair enough. I will spread this info to the security forums in which I participate/moderate. The fact is that all my problems began when I upgraded to this latest version of MBAM. The good news is that I have recovered my Taskbar, and uninstalled MBAM 2.0 successfully. All my programs are working well again (including Photoshop - and I notice that at least one other user in this forum has noted the same conflict with PS 5.0). I tried to reinstall MBAM 1.75, but the installer did not work (got a message that the files are corrupted). I'm open to further suggestions, but I'm not holding my breath.
  8. Thank you. After removing the keys you listed, and rebooting, the problem persists. Not only that, but my taskbar in XP is now blank, except for the Start button, and I cannot pin any program shortcuts to it. Needless to say, this is a nuisance! (I can still access these programs from the Start>Programs menu). As to my system having PUPs or possible malware, I can only say that none of my on-demand scanners have ever detected anything. This includes MBAM, Panda Cloud AV Free, HitmanPro Free, and Emsisoft Anti-Malware Free. Needless to say, I have never had any more than one AV or firewall resident at any given time. Furthermore, my system has never exhibited any symptoms of malware in almost a decade, until I upgraded to this latest version of MBAM. In short, your suggestions have compounded my problems, which only began with this latest version of MBAM. Fortunately, I can restore my system from a recent external HD backup image, and at least recover my taskbar icons. That said, I have been installing/reviewing various security products over the years, and I don't doubt that many of them might well have left registry entries that are problematic.
  9. Requested logs attached. When I attempt to open Photoshop, I get no popups or error codes. Just an hourglass, and eventually a "program not responding" message. FRST.txt Addition.txt CheckResults.txt
  10. Thanks for responding, Firefox. Excluding the exe for Photoshop in "Malware Exclusions" made no difference, even after a reboot. It still will not open, until I exit MBAM. I'll get back to you with the logs requested. Just to note that I never saw any conflict between these 2 programs going back to my original beta testing of the first version of MBAM.
  11. Since upgrading to MBAM Premium, I have been unable to open Adobe Photoshop 5.0 Limited Edition on my XP/sp3 system. When I exit MBAM, I can open and use Photoshop. This conflict is highly reproducible with subsequent reboots.
  12. Thanks, that fixed it. Very odd behaviour, I must say.
  13. I just had MBAM Premium update itself to The only problem is the language appears to be in Russian or some other Cyrillac language. Thinking that perhaps I had made some mistake during the installation, I uninstalled/reinstalled it, being particularly careful that "English" was selected. Same result. Where do I go from here to fix this?
  14. Kevin: Thanks so much for the confirmation. My faith in MBAM Pro and AdwCleaner to detect and delete this stuff is affirmed. A happy and prosperous New Year to you!
  15. Thanks Kevin. This is embarrassing for me. {For whatever reason, I am totally unable to copy/paste into this forum). Extras.Txt OTL.Txt