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  1. By the way, the scan did not find any virus/spyware.
  2. Second day, it has not happened again, here're the files, I think I'm clean right? some friends of mine told me that they had the same problem, we use the same internet provider, it seems something more related to the provider, because it only happened when I used that connection, thanks in advanced!! mbar-log-2013-01-10 (21-54-19).txt system-log.txt
  3. Ok, I attach the files again, as I said, everything works fine now, this is really strange, a friend of mine told me just now that he had the same problem yesterday with his laptop, with his wife's pc and his sister's as well, looks like something on the web more than in my computer, please let me know if there's something on the files, thanks! attach.txt dds.txt RKreport1_S_01092013_02d2250.txt
  4. I'n back with the files you requested, just to mention, I was able to access facebook and youtube with no problems today, seems like everything is working fine, however, I followed your steps because I want to make sure there's nothing wrong in the computer, please let me know anything you can find, thank you so much! I could not find a way to upload it directly from here, so here they are:
  5. I don't see any option to edit a recent created topic, I do apologize for the duplicated image.
  6. Hi, I have a weird problem and is really annoying me, my sister got this screen when she was on facebook: She did not notice it was not a real Adobe announcement, so she clicked on it, and I guess something was installed in her computer, because now, I see it on my computer too! I checked facebook on my phone, using Chrome as well, and same thing happened, so that's something playing with the network, since we use the same router, I checked the code of that screen and it points to a site which according to my antirivus is a non safe URL, I rebooted it and initialized the machine in safe mode, ran MalwareBytes but it did not find anything, however the problem is still there, can you help me out please? thank you!!