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  1. I downloaded the DDS per instructions, and am told to download something that may cause a blue screen of death? You know, coming on the forums for help (after no response from CS on a PRO version is sorry enough (seek help elsewhere is what malewarebytes CS is leaving one with. But to be bounced about to download different things is past annoying. my first: and the conclusion of that is the The first thing I did! I see a TERRIBLE LOOP.
  2. Did the DDS (though the instruction page on forums: is confusing on zip or not to I zipped. included HiJackThis report as I see it mentioned on this forum. 18Jan2013AttachDDS.7z 18Jan2013DDS.txt 18Jan2013hijackthis.log
  3. I'll see about following the assistance link (hoping they don't want me to download something else) I recall (and have) hijackthis as being the favoured reader. My support ticket is: #306070 Not sure how long I have been infected, as I always trusted Malwarebytes to clean things on reboot. Most I read on this trojan PUM.UserWLoad & Trojan.Ransom it is best to get another harddrive and install from scratch.
  4. I am very unhappy with the support. On attempts to sign in under my email, it won't take my password. When I try to request my password, it says email not registered. So I try to register it. It says there is an account with my email. Signing in under facebook gives an error. I can not follow up on my support ticket. I STRONGLY regret paying for this program - never had issues with my pc and virus' on the FREE program...but soon after purchase, I am infected with a non-removable virus and can't get any assistance!