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  1. I reinstalled System Mechanic and ran a deep analysis. The two registry changes showed up as a security vulnerability. I was able to ignor them in System Mechanic. I did a MBAM quick scan later and nothing was detected. Steve
  2. Thanks for the explanation. i tried uninstalling System Mechanic. In the last 6 hrs since I uninstalled it MBAM has not detected any changes to Broke.OpenCommand. I am using the full version of MBAM licenced to the university. On my computer I don't see anywhere I can add Broken.OpenCommand to an ignore list. I think I would have to ask the university administrator to add it to the ignore list. Is System Mechanic the only possible cause of this registry change or can it also by caused by malware? Steve
  3. MBAM has been detecting a change in Broken.OpenCommand in my registry of by my desktop (WindowsXP) and my laptop (Windows 7). I checked the items found and clicked remove selected. If I repeat the scan immediately no threats are found. However if I repeat the scan later the same day the Broken.OpenCommand is found again. Registry Data Items Detected: 2 HKCR\scrfile\shell\open\command| (Broken.OpenCommand) -> Bad: (NOTEPAD.EXE "%1") Good: ("%1" /S) -> Quarantined and repaired successfully. HKCR\regfile\shell\open\command| (Broken.OpenCommand) -> Bad: (NOTEPAD.EXE "%1") Good: (regedit.exe "%1") -> Quarantined and repaired successfully. Is the registry being reinfected by notepad.exe? I am using IOLO System Mechanic which has been reported to cause false positives for the Broken.OpenCommand, However after I disabled System Mechanics repair registry problems in automated tasks the Broken.OpenCommand keeps showing up in MBAM. Is Broken.OpenCommand a dangerous trojan as a number of websites say or is it "a shell context menu addition that allows you to open the registry editor by right-clicking on a .reg file. No idea why MBAM objected to the quotes around the regedit command; your existing entry was not broken", If it's a serious problem how can I clean my computers? Our university technical support said they could run ComboFix but would first backup my harddisk onto another disk in case ComboFix breaks anything. Steve