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  1. The three files attached were classified as trojan.password type recently by MBAM. I would be pleased if any MBAM expert could verify status of those files.before I acknowledge the developer. Kindly post the subsequent result for my further action. Thank you. Launcher.rar patcher.rar uninstall.rar
  2. Other than setting exclusions in MBAM for scanning ESET, the user needs to set "allow" status for all MBAM service and every executable files for any operations on "target applications" in the ESET's HIPS manual rules. Try go to Windows safe mode to the MBAM service to be not running at start up first in order for user to load the Windows for the above settings to be done. Then, the user can reactive the MBAM service for the following start up. The computer should be running a bit more smooth soon. Sometimes, start-up beiing frozen could be due to ESET and MBAM database updating during Windows loading. In such a case, reboot Windows at safe mode and then restart at normal mode.
  3. my own experience is whenever the user of Malwarebytes, who is also using other anti-virus software, faces freezing problem on logon screen or operating system hanging, retarts the windows and goes to safe mode. When you are in the safe mode logon screen, please wait for at least 30 seconds before logging in. Then, you can restart and boot the windows in normal mode after successfully loading the windows in safe mode. Remenber: Do not keep restarting the windows in normal mode for more than two times if your computer encounters any frozen symptoms in using Malwarebytes. Another frozen symptom of latest Malwarebytes is after its database updating, hope I am not wrong with this one.
  4. How do we submit suspicious quarantined files to Malwarebytes for veryfication?
  5. I think some of the anti-virus softwares' windows start-up scanning are conflicting with Malwarebytes modules loading, that cause the windows loading being freezed. It those anti-virus softwares' automatic start-up scannings are unable, there will be smooth signing in.
  6. Nowadays, anti malwares and firewall softwares are smarter than ever. Let them have a chance to "learn" the environment of operating systems if they can, rather than keeping them behold their own rules without understanding the real behaviors of our operating systems.
  7. My suggestion to Dannybash is set your ESET's HIPS to "Learning mode", its new automated rules could have the cause for blocking Malwarebytes Service during Windows start up. Try to figure out those antivirus softwares' HIPS or IDS settings. The other option is unticking the Malwarebytes Service service during boot up through Windows msconfig, then run Malwarebytes after successfully logging in your Windows user's a/c. Anyway, you MUST remember to set Malwarebytes not to run on next Windows start up before you shut down Windows. Please share your practices with us after the above trials.
  8. I am confused since I am unable to obtain "confucius" as username