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  1. Yes I was assisted by Fill for my decontamination. OK no problem. BTW Presently i am performing a scan on my external HD, and it seems working well. Thanks again
  2. CheckResults.txtprotection-log-2013-01-17.txtprotection-log-2013-01-18.txtprotection-log-2013-01-20.txt Hi daledoc1, Here are: - mbam-check logs - 3 last protection logs I will process DDS and post it. PS: here is the link to the forum where i healed my PC Thank you CheckResults.txt protection-log-2013-01-17.txt protection-log-2013-01-18.txt protection-log-2013-01-20.txt
  3. Hi, I've been trying to scan my computer ( winXP) with the new version 1.70 but the program was freezing and stopping analysis after a couple of minutes. I cannot identify the origin of the problem. I thought first because i got a little infection that i fixed with the help of an online decontamination forum. Since then I re-installed MBAM but the problem remains same. One comment i can say is that once the program starts analyzing C: files, the crash happens. Please check the attached print screen to see an example of the crash. Need help please 'cause I never had trouble with old versions of MBAM that i'm using for years now. Thank you