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  1. Thank you for everything Adam!! You saved my computing life!!!
  2. Ok we are GOOD running so much better now!! Whats next? Can I run the defrag overnight? I know it takes a long time.
  3. Seems to be running better. It is actually running and responding so that is an improvement! Won't know until I am on photoshop how it actually responds. Can I delete the files that were infected that I can no longer get ? Fixlog.txt checkup.txt
  4. Ok so I have tried two times to do the last step you have told me and it gets hung up at 76%. I am leaving it this time to see if it clears up, but it has been stuck on the same file over half hour now. Just wanted to update you. I will let you know if it gets fixed.
  5. Here is the list of infections.. Over 500 of them!! esetlog.txt
  6. Sorry Adam, Been sick.. Working on your last step now. Thank you!
  7. Here is the log for malwarebytes. bytes log.txt
  8. I believe they reset ok. I just have to get you the log for Malwarebytes. Addition.txt AdwCleanerS0.txt FRST.txt
  9. Here is the log Fixlog.txt
  10. I did try that and the only previous versions were yesterday. I don't know if I can use those or not, those files were done a long time ago. I can get some of the files back depending on what they are. The picture ones I can get offline. I don't think there are any of the others I can get. I am not paying $500 to get my files back. I will get a new computer first, I don't have that kind of $$$. I wish I knew how I got this. I am usually careful at what I download and what I put on my computer.
  11. I don't think I have backups... Some there is no big deal I can get the pictures again. Im not sure about the others... So what now? What should I do.
  12. I found what you were talking about with the encrypted files I can't believe people do this. This is terrible!! Is it safe to look on the website they gave me to see how much it will cost me to get my files back??
  13. Here is the log. Search.txt
  14. Also I just noticed something I haven't seen before when I hit the windows button. Something called Run hunter Mode. I have never seen that before in my program list.
  15. I haven't because I don't know which ones are encrypted. Running the scan now.