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  1. Fine here it is. checkup.txt
  2. And here is the security check you sent earlier CheckResults.txt
  3. Apologies for the torrent thing didnt realize it was restarting every time I reset. Will uninstall now.
  4. Hopefully the last one? lol RKreport2_S_01212013_02d1800.txt
  5. And the ad cleaner.... AdwCleanerR1.txt AdwCleanerR2.txt AdwCleanerS1.txt
  6. Here we go AdwCleanerR1.txt RKreport1_S_01212013_02d1327.txt
  7. Well that was interesting. Completely removed both Crome and IE. Reset and they are working again. SO anyway here is the file you requested. ComboFix.txt
  8. Here you are. RKreport2_S_01212013_02d1027.txt
  9. I ran it again and it produced the logs. *shrug* TDSSKiller. TDSSKiller. TDSSKiller.
  10. ANd the completed scan with unsigned files details KillerScan.txt
  11. here is the list parts.......Im not reinstalling my OS unless something really starts having a problem. The only thing malfunctioning at this time is Malwarebytes. I've had no instances of Identity theft or other unauthorized usages at this time. DOesn't Malware bytes help with any of these things? Moving lets continue to remove these problems, please? Result.txt
  12. Ok Torrent is off. No P2P running. Java updated. Scan completed. Here is the report RKreport1_S_01212013_02d0905.txt
  13. I was recommended to this forum from a previous post for assistance with repairing issues with Malwarebytes only providing partial protection. Included are the same previous scans I provided on my original post. attach.txt CheckResults.txt dds.txt
  14. I have performed the steps listed in the link. Was there something else I should do?
  15. Here it is... CheckResults.txt