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  1. Zero response from Malwarebytes sales or support so far. We were able to find the license email, it was emailed to an ex-employee's inbox. I don't know why they had to change their license code structure and break it, it should have just renewed as it has in previous years. I can't believe they'd release an update that would false positive on an important OS file, you'd think they would do a simple QA scan against a folder full of known good OS files before releasing to the wild and causing OS damage and systems not to boot. Very poor support from an otherwise good product.
  2. Active 160 seat enterprise license here too. Just paid renewal last month.
  3. Add me to the chaos, compounded by the fact that apparently our license key changed when we renewed and added more PCs and we're effectively locked out of the console so we can't just ignore the file. No response from Malwarebytes sales or support.
  4. We're locked out of our admin console because we added a bunch more PC licenses and apparently the licenses key changed and we can't get any response from Malwarebytes sales or support. Sigh.
  5. users are quarantining and it either locks up Windows 7 or renders the PC unbootable.
  6. It seems to be, yes. Thank you.
  7. This file is being falsely identified, it is part of a legitimate program ( 3/24/2015 9:31:13 AM PCNAME Trojan.MSIL.Agent DENY C:\Program Files\Hands On Technology Inc\TheraOffice\HandsOnTechnology.Reports.Interface.dll Attached is a copy of the file.
  8. This blew up users at several large networks we manage with MBAM Enterprise this morning. Glad it is fixed.
  9. We would like to purchase the 100 user license of the commercial edition and have some additional questions. I've emailed Angelina twice, and left her a voicemail, waited a week for response. No response at all. The pre-sales is horrid. I can't get a follow up? Phone call? Anything? I want to give you all thousands of dollars. How are you all actually in business? Is anyone checking the corporate-sales@ email? I'm afraid this is the support we will receive and may need to look elsewhere.