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  1. Thanks a million, MrC. I updated Adobe and Java but before I defrag can you tell me what SSD means? -GMD
  2. checkup.txt Can do.
  3. MrC, In regards to your above post about the files Combifix deleted - I do not recognize those files or believe that I created them. For some reason I cannot cut and paste the contents of the security scan findings. Suggestions?
  4. MrC, Here's the log file. It wont allow me to cut and paste it. AdwCleanerS1.txt
  5. MrC, Here's the logfile from adw. I looked over it and only recognize a few files period. Nothing I use. AdwCleanerR3.txt
  6. Combifix created it on a notepad file at completion of its scan.
  7. MrC, Here's the log file for Combifix - It downloaded and ran automatically from the C: drive. Try again from the desktop? ComboFix.txt
  8. Here's those logs - I'll get to work on those next steps. mbar-log-2013-01-25 (11-26-06).txt system-log.txt
  9. MrC, The final scan came back with no problems detected. I do not believe that I set that proxy. The redirect has stopped and everything appears to be normal with the exception of Google India automatically opening in its own tab when I start IE. Using Google Chrome, which was downloaded with Avast I have zero problem. Just delete IE and stick to Chrome? Thanks for all your help. -GMD
  10. Here you go MrC. Thanks for taking a look. -GMD RKreport1_S_01252013_02d1020.txt
  11. Below are the scanlogs if anyone could give advice. Thanks! dds.txt attach.txt
  12. Thanks, Dale. Will do.
  13. I keep getting redirected to "livesearch" with every internet (usually google), and I suddenly have an automatic new tab pop up at the start of each session which automatically opens google India. Can anyone help? Regards, GMD