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  1. Well this is my sister's computer and i'm pretty sure she had nothing back up.
  2. Pretty much all the current files are messed up and there really isn't much to do.
  3. Anything to solve the problem?
  4. Is there anyway to fix this? All the files are encrypted (some files which are very important). By the way this is my sister's laptop and noticed that this appeared all of a sudden. Please respond as soon as possible. Thank you.
  5. For some reason DECRYPT_INSTRUCTION appeared on my desktop and now i'm not able to open any files. Help please?
  6. Okay that fine, thanks for your help
  7. Yes, Malwarebytes is working now.
  8. Cleaning it right now. Edit: yes, it worked
  9. This is what appears.
  10. My Malwarebytes won't launch open for some reason. I even updated my Malwarebytes to its newer version and still nothing. While installing the newer version, a lot errors would appear in the screen. What can I do?
  11. Thanks a lot, may you please lock this thread.
  12. I made a thread last month about a possible infection. The main problem is the browser speed. Which companies have the best speeds for affordable prices?
  13. The thing that confuses me, is that it's only the desktop computer that's the browsers are slow. Because the other appliances run quite nicely. I check I'll tell my parents about it, which I highly doubt they could careless about. Thanks a lot.
  14. ^ 12.06mbps I guess close this thread, since i'm pretty useless. I don't know all the information on this computer since my parents bought it. Also I don't pay the internet bill, my mom does.