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  1. Yet another clarification: There were two logs present, these were logs produced today related to upgrading of the MB database and did not contain any useful info, there were no logs of the full scan.
  2. Forgot: 4. There is no logs present in the program or inside any of Malwarebytes folders as mentioned in initial post.
  3. Hi guys and thanks for your answers. It seems like I need to clarify some things: 1. I usually only run flash/quick scan but since I have never run a full scan on this computer before I thought it was time especially considering this PC contains >210 000 files. Also like metioned 31 malware were found up until I was present, speaking of that it leeds me to the second clarification. 2. As mentioned I know you have an option to delete all files found during a scan IF YOU ARE PRESENT, my question is based upon not being present. 3. As for the Windows Security Updates I forgot to tell that these were completed (downloaded and installed) BEFORE starting the Full Scan it was just waiting for me to do a restart (which I postponed several times and last time just before going to bed I postponed it yet another 4 hours in order to be sure Scan would be finalized prior to restart), in addition to be as safe as possible, I disabled my network connection so PC was offline during the whole scan and was not interrupted in any way.
  4. Yesterday I ran a full scan which hadn't finished after 8 hours even though it was not too much time left (it was in the System32 folder) I had to go to bed. During the scan I also updated some Windows Security of which required a restart, but i kept postpone this for 4 hours which I also did just before going to bed to be on the safe side, to guarantee the Full Scan would finish prior to this. Now to my question. I woke up the next day and obviously computer has restarted and I was prompted with Windows Log in credentials which in turn leads me to the following questions, What happens after a full Scan if not attending/being present? When I went to bed it had found 31 Malicious Files were these deleted automatically? There is no logs of the full scan ,at least I could not find them in application, in program folders or in the appdata local and roaming folders. If being present upon completion you can "Show Result" then delete all malicious files which then requires a restart in order to clean them. But like mentioned several times now I was not there , so what have happened? Are those files gone ? Am I safe? Why isnt there some logs about the full scan report? Awaiting your prompt reply......