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  1. actually while im thinking about it, what exactly does the protection mode do?
  2. well ive seen malwarebytes on the Steam forums here n there well not really advertised but recommended so i thought id give it a try and it works pretty well, caught 28 infections on her comp, 6 were the PAV crap which was really the only problem, but that was a plus that it caught the others as well. put it on my comp and i only had 2 issues, but it wasnt anything big as im pretty well versed in PC Security and Tweaking, her on the other hand not so well as im sure you can imagine lol. Anyhoo, whenever the protection part can be enabled on 64bit comps i'll probably end up buying it.
  3. sorry i meant better then Ad-Aware.. strange there isnt an edit option :/
  4. Hey yas just wanted to say thanks for a product that seems then Ad-Aware tho not as good looking as. Malwarebytes helped me get rid of the totally annoying PAV Personal Antivirus issue that Norton,Ad-Aware and whatever else missed and saved me from having to reformat my moms computer lol. great job guys n thanks again.