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  1. Thank you for responding so quickly. Before doing the above, I searched the forum one last time for any ideas. One thing that was suggested was to reboot the computer after installing malwarebytes. I hadn't done that. I restarted my computer and both quick and full scans completed and came out clean. Sorry for all the trouble. I forgot the first rule of computers....if in doubt, reboot!
  2. I run AVG free and it found a trojan horse (Trojan horse Generic_r.BWV) and deleted it. After that I ran MalwareBytes Free (it hadn't been run in weeks) and tried to do a Full Scan. It freezes during "scanning additional items" and doesn't complete the scan (not responding). Note that up to that point, it reports zero detections. No log gets generated and it just stays unresponsive. It happens on Quick and Full Scans. I uninstalled it using the Control Panel and then reinstalled it. The same thing continued to happen. What do I do now? I've always used AVG free with MalwareBytes Free with no problems. I'm not the most tech savvy person but hopefully would be able to follow instructions if they were detailed. I'm running Windows 7.