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  1. After installing malwarebytes pro, nothing different has occurred. I have had to go to system restore to get my computer back. The task bar will not show up on start up. My ESET virus software will not load. All I have is a desktop picture. If I restart again, the cursor will not even show up. If I restart again, the OS will not load at all. Then after going to system restore, I get my computer back by not having this software on my computer. I am not going to pay anybody to talk to support. If this problem with this software can not be fixed. I will blog negatively on this with a negative domain, with malwarebytes in the domain, until the sun quits shining. I hope someone can tell me what make this software not work on my machine verses others that use it. I am open to suggestions. I am just a webmaster that you do not want to tick off. The reason I am still upset is that I can not get my computer to shut down quickly/properly as it did before putting this software on my computer. I used the exe software to get all of the malwarebytes off the computer but it only works after rebooting the first time and the same problem happens after the next restart. Now I have to wait about five to ten minutes before the computer will shut down. I can only shut down from the task manager now.
  2. I had to go to system restore and uninstall Malwarebytes. I also had downloaded file assassin and I uninstalled that too. My computer completely froze up. Once, even the cursor went away. Then after uninstalling, my computer was about the same. Now I have problems shutting down. The shutting down icons take about five to ten minutes to show up on the desktop. I shut down from my file manager now and then it takes five to ten minutes for the computer to shut down. It used to take less than a minute to shut down before installing malwarebytes. Maybe XP pro isn't compatible with malwarebytes. Who knows? I just know that it was Malwarebytes that started this whole problem. Also, I downloaded malwarebytes from CNet first. Then all of this happened. I bought the pro version from the Malewarbytes site to see if it would get my shut down issues solved. It didn't My computer worked one day and then it froze up again.......but I still had the shut down problems. I paid almost $25 for the pro version and unless somebody can figure out why this is happening to my computer,(lethargic shutdown problems),I want my money back. I don't need dysfunctional programs on my computer. I certainly don't want to pay for them.