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  1. Hey bilago, actually my problem was not solved although I thought it was. I got following feedback from Malwarebytes: Hm, "nice" feedback to a paying user like me. The advantage of using also this old thread is that I was able to see your issue. If you find a solution please post it also here. Thanks.
  2. (x86)" to drive D and now everything works again.
  3. Ok, problem was not fixed so I tried to find a solution on my own. As I was the only one with this problem (at least nobody reported a similar story in this forum) I started to evaluate what is different on my system compared to the other environment where mbam was running well. On both systems I had some kind of a special setup for Windows 7 as I have moved the "C:\Program Files" and "C:\Program Files (x86)" folder to drive D instead of default drive C and on both systems I haven't faced a problem with installing new programs so far! To make a long story short: I used two symbolic links for both folders (created with "mklink /j") on drive C pointing to the respective directories on drive D and left the registry settings in "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion" still pointing to drive C (which usually works as every file or directory could be accessed with pathname C although it's physically on drive D). But some reason (?) mbam seems to have a problem with that so I changed the registry setting for all key like "ProgramFilesDir" and "ProgramFilesDir
  4. Here is the answer from the support team from last Wednesday: Ok, understood.
  5. ...the other system is also Win 7 64bit.
  6. The reason is simply that I like to have the system on drive C: and all programs on drive D: On my other computer mbam works perfectly on drive D:
  7. Please find attached my steps... mbam_procedure.pdf
  8. Yes. I tried also this (I was deperate) but I copied all the files from the Configuration folder and not just the database.conf.
  9. No, also from the admin account there is no update possible. It's the same behaviour: I start mbam.exe, message 'database missing or corrupt - download?', yes, connect to server, download 6.837,44 kb [100%], message 'database missing or corrupt - download?', yes, "Runtime error 400: Form already displayed; can't show modally". For some reason the database can not be stored / accessed in the C:\ProgramData folder although when I manually copy the file there (from my other computer) the file get's deleted on start of mbam.exe (so it can be accessed from the application somehow). I go nuts...
  10. No, I don't, I start mbam.exe with "Run as adminsitrator" and I cleaned (MBAM-clean) and installed (MBAM-setup) with the administrator account. The Update button is only grayed out if I manually delete the Malwarebytes folder in C:\ProgramData directory after installation (which was just a test to see what happens then). After a "normal" installation the button is active and download / update is started but when finished I get the "database corrupt or missing" message. But it's true that I started MBAM-check as a limited user that's why you see it in the CheckResults.txt The strange thing is that on my other computer everything is running perfectly and I wanted to buy a license of the product for the computer I'm currently struggling with as I use this one "more in the wild"...
  11. @exile360: MBAM-clean already deletes C:\Program Data\Malwarebytes\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware. On installation the folder is created again but when I launch mbam.exe the system displays the "database corrupt or missing" message and rules.def is deleted. Update of rules.def does not work (see above). When I then delete the folder (although mbam is still installed) the folders are created on launch of mbam.exe but the "Update" button in the mbam window is deactived.
  12. @Firefox: Clean and Setup are of course done with ADMIN rights. Launching mbam.exe withOUT admin rights returns the PROGRAM_ERROR_UPDATING as mentioned above. Lauching with admin rights returns "Runtime error 400" as program is not able to store the downloaded database.
  13. I did the process already before my post. But now I followed the process word-by-word again. I disabled Avast 7 (deactivate for 10 minutes) and disabled Window7 Firewall Control (Mode: AllowAll) during MBAM-Clean and MBAM-Setup but - same result as before: After installation I get the message database is corrupt or missing. The system asks if I want to download new database. On 'yes' then download starts but again the database is corrupt or missing and I get "Runtime error 400: Form already displayed; can't show modally". When I now start mbam.exe the system says that database is missing and asks for update. On yes the download starts TWICE (!) and then the message box says: "PROGRAM_ERROR_UPDATING (1812, 0, Configuration access denied)", see attachment. There is no rules.def in the C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes path. When I copy it manually ( from different computer) it is always deleted on start of mbam.exe