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  1. This is the same laptop I had a topic on about two weeks ago. I had help with those (different) issues. The laptop (Dell XP-Pro) has MB Pro. It has begun taking 10 - 15 minutes for all the icons to load on the screen so I can begin work. I did a complete uninstall this afternoon. It then would boot up and be ready to use in about 2 minutes. That is the way it was with MB Pro until a few weeks ago. I then re-installed it and re-booted. It went right back to slow, taking 18 minutes to finish loading everything so I could begin work. MBAM was using 230 MB for about 3 minutes then dropped down to 103MB. That is pretty much where it's staying. This issue has only been going on about 3 weeks. Any advice will be appreciated.
  2. My laptop has Malwarebytes Pro running. The MBAM is running continually, taking up around 110MB. The box "enable malicious website blocking" has un-checked itself and the box is now orange. I cannot check the box. I've run several tests and they are attached. Thanks. attach.txt CheckResults.txt dds..txt RKreport1_S_02072013_02d1101.txt
  3. Done. CheckResults.txt.txt dds.txt.txt attach.txt.txt
  4. MBAM is running continually, using 110MB of memory. The box "enable malicious website blocking" un-checked itself and I cannot check it. Protection box is now orange. I ran the camilion program several times. Each time is said the program had the current updates, it ran fully and it found nothing. I ran rogue killer and have attached the file from my desktop. Thanks RKreport1_S_02072013_02d1101.txt
  5. Done. It did everything as stated, even saying after four scans it detected no malicious files. But nothing has changed - still cannot click "enable malicious website blocking" and MBAM is running, using 110MB of memory.
  6. On the protection tab "Enable malicious website blocking" is un-checked and the formerly green box is now orange. I cannot check the box to turn it back on. This is a recent change so I may have done something to cause that.
  7. attach.txt I attached the other two files but received a msg saying I didn't have permissions to attach that type of file. At least this one it took. (I looked and looked and finally found the attachment link!)
  8. I've done this but cannot figure out how to add the files as an attachment. Help me do that and they'll be on their way. Thanks.
  9. One of my two laptops took nearly 15 minutes to boot up today. Both laptops are Dell, one with XP and one with Win 7. Both have the paid version of Malwarebytes. When the slow (XP) laptop finally started I opened task manager. It shows mbamservice.exe running and using 110 MB of memory. The other laptop doesn't show any mbam running. I'm guessing it is to run at startup, then when finished shut off. But it is not shutting off in the XP laptop. Ideas? Fixes? Thanks.