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  1. Thanks so much for your help guys! Much appreciated!
  2. Hi all, First post here - first time here period. Looks like a nice place you've all got going on here! Anyway - on to the matter at hand - and I appologize if this question's been snswered already... I just went to launch my Malwarebyte's Anti-Malware (free version?), which I haven't used in some months, to do a scan. I was informed that the database was out of date by 80+ days, so I updated and re-started my box. Upon attempted launch of the updated version, I was again told that the database was out of date, this time by a mere 54 days. Since I wasn't monitoring the traffic during the update, I couldn't tell you where said program was connecting to the "not-so-up-to-date" update... I *can* tell you that this version claims to be, build date 12/14/2012... I haven't updated again, for fear that I may have an imposter on board....I suppose I could unplug my router and try to update and note where it's trying to connect.... But I'll wait until some informed soul(s) possibly fills me in on what's going on.... Thanks in Advance! Russ