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  1. yeah, we have a pretty good re-imaging process here and the sensitivity is high enough that it just makes sense to reinstall. Cheers!
  2. ok, thanks, i guess lots of malware will try to interfere intentioanlly or unintentionally with antivirus programs. i appreciate the input
  3. sry, a bit more background Forefront detected Zbot, which it defined as a passwd stealing trojan. the user addmitted to clicking on a link in a 100% positive phishing email took machine off prod network. ...and now, Malwarebytes cannot finish a scan.. so, if i may rephrase my question, under the circumstances, if malwarebytes cannot finish a scan, which it cant, thats just more evidence that the PC is infected with malware?
  4. If Malwarebytes crashes or freezes, do people take it as a sign the the PC is probably infected and the malware is causing this? 99% of the time it works great, but some PCs that get flagged as possibly having malware crash the program. plus if i cant scan the PC, it remains untrusted and i just feel i should reinstall it.