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  1. Lenovo 515 Windows 8.1 HAve a new p.c., & can't find m.Bytes anywhere. All my info was supposed to have been transferred to this p.c..I can't seem to find the programs I need, like defrag. How can I set M.Bytes to automatically run it's updates ? Thanks !
  2. Tried to sign in b-4, was told username or password incorrect. hope this didn't mean someone is into my account ! Well, worked the second time, obviously. Tried to update, & got the message error updating ( 0, 0, no address found ) I typed this message in the search bar, but nothing was found, so here I am. Thanks !
  3. Normally, I have no problem with MB updates & etc. But now, I got this message : Error updating no address found With this in mind, where do I go in the' problems & solutions' forum to find answers ? Thanks !
  4. Just been reading about 'Mondays false positives'' & thought what the heck is that? I didn't notice anything different about MB.I just do the updates often & that's that; just hope MB does it's job. I may not know malware if I do have it ! Not good ! I haven't noticed any difference in the updating process..? Actually, I'm on the forum today cause I was wondering why MB needs such frequent updating. It's always out of date.???
  5. In other words : " leave well enough alone," right ? Ok, will do
  6. MB seems to be working ok for me, but I'm wondering about the different topics I see under general Setting, Scanner setting, & More tools. Some items were already checked, others not. Can someone tell me what they all mean? Should all items be checked or not ? Thanks !
  7. I certainly had a lot of unnecessary startups. Ok, the knowledge base has helped.........I'll check back once in a while.
  8. Need to know a bit more........... In 'more tools', I see various options. What are they & are they used in the free version of MBytes ? -Should i delete all the logs ? -Should i terminate I.E during threat removal? ( this option is unchecked while the rest of the options are checked ) Appreciate any assistance. Also, where on the MB site can I find out more info so as to find assistance for myself.
  9. On scrolling down to More Options, i don't find a paper clip. I do find: Attach files-1. png-size 12.69k downloads 4
  10. Thanks for advice ! Now, though, i have 5 icons on my desktop : mbam chec check results dds dds attach I don't know how to send the info to you, though. Think thats all thats left to get Mbytes scan finished ?
  11. HI ! I got an error message while updating: 'program error updating,0,0 '. No address found. What do I do about this ? Also, what is File Assasin? Should Proxy server be checked? (It isn't now) I just did updates, & then needed to do more. I guess there are different types of updates, so do 'em all as often as needed ? Where on this site can I find answers in order to do it myself next time ? Thanks !