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  1. YO, Forum Deity, I have an answer, but then I don't. There is something going on in my system I wrote about on here. I'm sure somewhere there is a conflict or ancient registry stuff from long ago causing my Malwarebytes problem. I think what really needs to be done on that system is a clean install and start from scratch. I'd like to thank you for trying to help me. I think years of MANY versions of Malwarebytes and other programs through many year has it messed up. Long story short, I'm in the US, but in a contest based in the UK started back in December on 1/1/2013 I won an Intel 3570K microprocessor. Leaving out a lot. The guy, Tom Logan, Corsair and Gigabyte decided I should have a complete system instead. Due to other commitments Tom took a while to get it built, I knew that. I finally got the system Friday, March 29th, 2013. It is Win 7 64 based. I loaded Malwarebytes on it and it is working perfectly!!!!!!! Here is a video of my system being built:
  2. Finaly getting back, been visiting the hospital. Okay, I ran mabam-check.exe, disabled MSE and then ran Here are the results. attach.txt CheckResults.txt dds.txt
  3. I'd done that before when I had the old serial number loading, but as you asked I followed the pinned topic again. It was doing the same thing after the first time it did the auto update. Once it auto updates double click will not open the program and right click also does not work. If I kill the program via ctrl/alt/delete I can't start it again without rebooting. I experimented and killed the scheduled update and shut off auto update. As long as I manually update the program it continues to work fine. I turn on auto update and after the first time it auto updates it breaks again. For now I am manually updating it to keep it so I can access the interface and right click menu. I must add, when it breaks to where I can't open it, it is still doing its job in the background and it does auto update, but I just can't access the interface or the right click menu.
  4. One more thing...only can shut it down via Task Manager.
  5. I wrote a while back after getting the latest Malwarebytes that it installed using an old serial number. I took care of that issue using the clearing program and reloading. I thought the lock up problem was gone too, but not for long. I've had major family issues, so taken a while to get back on here. After a reboot Malwarebytes is okay. I have the taskbar icon hidden and at some point, I believe when it updates, the icon shows in the taskbar. Pointing to it I see the version and database version, if I click on it it disappears, it is hidden. That part is no issue a, but once it does an update if I double click on the taskbar icon (set to hidden or not set to hidden) nothing happens and if I right click on it nothing happens. I can't access the program without either rebooting or go to the start menu and restart the program. Also, although it is set to update once a day it will check MANY times a day. I have shut off auto update as a test and it makes no difference. I used to use Norton since I get it free from my ISP. I deleted it, cleaned the junk from it up and running nothing Malwarebytes did the same thing. I'm now using Microsoft Security Essentials and have done the exemptions for Malwarebytes, I'd done the same in Norton.
  6. I may have fixed it myself. I removed the install and used the remover on here and that cleared out the old ID and Serial. So far when the icon pops up it works to click on it and allow it to update. We will see in a couple days how it goes.
  7. On 2/12/2013 I bought the upgrade. I uninstalled my old Malwarebytes and installed the new version and it used an ID and Serial already on my system. I'd like to use the new ID and Serial given me to stay current with your records. How do I remove the old info? I registered many years ago and this old one has to be what I have used all these years. Also I will see the Malwarebytes icon in my taskbar on the right. If I click on it, it goes away. When that happens and I go to the icon in the pop-up on the taskbar and right click the menu will not come up or if I double click it will not open. In order to access Malwarebytes I have to reboot. Could this be related?