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  1. What does it mean if a full system scan shows no detection, but an individual file scan from the Windows Explorer context menu is positive? On an old XP SP3 computer I have an old Office 10 file that I've had for several years called mstordb.exe that MBAM 1.75 recently started alerting as positive for trojan.agent.UKED. So I upgraded to MBAM 2.16 to see if it was reproducible. On a full system scan MBAM 2.16 does not show any threat found. However, it does detect it on an individual scan of the file in question using the Windows Explorer context menu. It's a bit disconcerting that with MBAM 2.16 the 2 types of scan don't produce the same results. Any idea why the full system scan would not also detect it like the individual file scan does? Thanks.
  2. I had the same 2 files detected this morning in the same servicepack uninstall folder as reported above: accwiz.exe and ctfmon.exe. But my MD5 hashes are different than the ones shown in the original post above. Perhaps I have a different file version. But I guess since it's the same 2 filenames and location, that it is likely being detected for the same reason.
  3. I downloaded the setup file for Mbam When I check the file "properties" to look at the digital signatures, I notice there is no timestamp and no counter signature. Previous versions, such as v. 1.65, have had both a timestamp and a counter signature with its timestamp as well. Is this a problem?