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  1. The help desk after looking at the file logs found I had a flash scan scheduled to run after the hourly update. Simple fix and I should be ashamed of myself for not finding it on my own. Disturbing the forum. At least now I know how to use the help desk support and attach the file log for them. Thanks to everyone...................John
  2. Thank You. I did not know I needed a masters in IT to run this software. It is scanning on its own and the fix is above? Seems a bit complicated to turn off a feature or to set the schedule. I will try the help desk. The sofware is starting a scan every single time I use the pc. I had to abort one this am..
  3. Malwarebytes Pro has decided to hijack my computer and scan without my permission. I deleted the scheduled scan yesterday and it still started scanning again today. I did notice in "properties" I had not given myself permission to change anything? So I gave my self permission. I had the scheduled scan set for weekly, but it wants scan every day. If I had no permissions, how come my scheduled updates work? Seems the scheduled scanner did work, but never at the time I told it too and I have no way of checking to see if it indeed did scan. I guess that's what the log files are for? Please no automated response. I paid for this software and just want some advice.
  4. Thank You Maurice.
  5. I have it set up just like in the video. I spend a few hours a day on this computer. It has all that time to update and it fails at times and I get the prompt. If I were to manually update it right now, it would have a new one available. I have been here using this computer all day. So why does it not update while I am using it. My wife does not have this problem and I set hers up.
  6. I have the pro version. I have scheduled updates in several ways, but it seems I still get promts that updates are 1 or more days old. I have tried "Realtime". What does realtime mean? Does it mean the updating occurs as I use the computer? This has been my only issue. Seems no matter how the updates are set, I always find a promt saying it needs updating. My wifes laptop ps is always updated with no problems. She is always seeing a successful update promt each time she turns on her pc. She also has the pro version. One more. Can Malware Bytes keep my pc from going to sleep? I find it running at all hours of the day and night. And usually I fing the missing update promt when I put it to sleep manually or shut it down. Thanks John