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  1. Ok, after a series of emails with the tech support, have done sending the attach.txt and dds.txt files and analyzing the results, and the final result was that there's nothing he can do since the problem is with Bitdefender. Well, I have to uninstall Malwarebyte for now. I hope that there will be a solution to this compatibility problem soon.
  2. Hi, Thank you for your reply. I already opened a ticket (#317338). Hopefully a tech support will come back. Right now, I removed MBAM because of the issues I am facing.
  3. Thanks for your reply. Acually I did but Section "F" is for TrendMicro and besides, I don't have problem with TrendMicro Total Security because I tried it. Anymore suggestions?
  4. I have two Sony Vaio 64bit laptops on Windows 7. I bought 2 licenses for MBAM Pro and Bitdefender Total Security 2013. My problem is that both laptops freezes when they are idle (no keyboard or mouse activity). I complaint to Bitdefender tech support and I was asked to uninstall MBAM Pro which I did and after that,things became normal, no freezes. Right now, MBAM is not installed but I want to have it as another line of defense. Is there something that can be done to make them compatible? I asked Bitdefender the same and they still suggested not to use multiple solutions together with their product. Thank you.