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  1. One thing more, I didn't know where to report this. A few days ago a window pop up (completely dodged Firefox's pop up blocker), It says on this window "There is a new codec pack version, install new version now for better performance". The address of this page is: If you look up on google you will see a host of warning saying all the downloads from this site is full of browser hijacking malwares. One of the warning site is this: I think Malwarebyte can put on its page blocking database. Thanks
  2. Thanks for replying. The sodtware I got the malware from can be found on this site: When you install the converter, you will come to a window where it asks you to use express or custom, to be fair it says expressly what it will be installed, I just did not look. I have clened up my laptop complete so I am unable to send you anything. Sorry.
  3. Found this on my laptop and found it was from the installation of a free Specsoft Audio Converter. By mistake I clicked express installation which installed this browser hijacker. I have version and the signature updater was set to run every other night. All protection was fully turned on. Was quite disappointed to see Malwarebytes did not even whisper a sound when Search Project Conduit was being installed. I installed this software purely to stop these toolbars being installed and it failed to perform. The only thing was this search project conduit was quite straight forward to remove, so not much time was wasted.
  4. Just found out MB is blocking a legitimate site of mail tracking of the Hong Kong Post Office IP address The address is Can this be taken off your blocked database. Thanks
  5. The new version has been stable for 2 days, I guess they must have fixed the bug that cause it to misbehave in earlier updates.
  6. I now installed and just done a full scan, nothing is found. I will feedback in due course whether this version is giving me stability problems.
  7. I got the Mipony installation from its official site I do a fair amount of downloading and I use Jdownloader and Mipony, now it got rid of Mipony in its entrity. I did not upgrade to a more up to date version of Malewarebytes because when I upgraded to newer versions then the one I am using now, after booting up may be after 10 minutes, Malwarebytes threw out a notice saying (from memory) something cannot be performed and then the icon at the system tray disappears. I am using Windows XP SP3 and AVG free version. I will however try the newest version you suggested and see what happens.
  8. I installed Mipony (a download manager) yesterday and during installation it was trying to install Delta search tool bar and Browser Protect and I clicked NO to both, but after installation of Mipony, I found these two malwares have been installed onto my system. It is not as disaterous as a virus, but I spent a few hours cleaning the browsers and reinstall Firefox. Mipony used to do Babylon search tool bar which was as bad, I assume Delta is just a change of name. I urge everybody to saty away from Mipony. Most importantly I had Malwarebytes full version installed protection always on and the data is up to date. It did not catch and stop this malware installation. I think Malwarebytes should incorporated this Mipony and Delta as serious malware.