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  1. I'm running Latencymon and here is a screenshot of Malwarebytes running with Malicious website blocking disabled. The next pic is with it on, as you can see the system becomes unstable with it enabled. Just thought you would be interested to see.
  2. If you don't mind I think I will leave well enough alone. My system is running fine now since disabling MBAM's malicious website blocking. It did the problem in Windows 7 as well with hardly anything installed so its something with that protection feature that my system doesn't like. I've seen many others with the same issue on support forums with MBAM.
  3. Here you go, I turned on the malicious website blocking feature that was causing the issue in MBAM during testing. attach.txt CheckResults.txt dds.txt
  4. Sure what logs do you need? I would be happy to provide them.
  5. High CPU use I think or at least thats what the Microsoft Community Helper guy said. I was doing traces for him and he confirmed it was a ton better after disabling the Malicious website feature. With that disabled does MBAM protect me at all?
  6. Where it hits the DPC is in the ndis.sys and makes the CPU run wild.
  7. Hmmm that is odd because my NIC and Soundcard aren't on the same IRQ. Plus my Intel NIC is PCI-e and my sound card is PCI. After reboot I see that the website protection re-enables itself. Anyway I can keep it disabled without it turning itself back on?
  8. I had a problem with DPC levels in 8 and assumed it was Windows 8 itself. After troubleshooting on the Microsoft forum it was showing my DPC issues were caused by the ndis.sys which is related to my NIC card. I was using onboard Realtek NIC. So I got a different PCI NIC with the same result. The high DPC makes audio stuttering and popping. So anyways I bought a PCI-e NIC from Intel, same issue. So I had it with Windows 8. I installed 7 again and all was great, until I installed Malwarebytes again. I was running DPClat at the time and then my DPC values skyrocketed again. I uninstalled MB and my numbers went back to normal. I booted 8 and clocked MB and again no more sound issues. Then I noticed if I uncheck "Enable malicious website blocking" everything is fine. Any ideas whats going on? It did this problem in both OS'. I can't run it with the website blocking on if its going to make my sound glitchy! Thanks!