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  1. See my previous post about the length of time it was taking to clear the Disk Antivirus Professional rogue. I thought the Malwarebyte chameleoon had frozen up but I went back and looked after about an hour sure enough the Chameleon did its job and by my following up on the instructions the infected computer is clear. Thanks Malwarebytes !! Carguy
  2. Thanks for the heads up and recommendation. I have been following the instructions you tagged but it has stopped at the "Killing" mode. I will follow your suggestions for help. Carguy
  3. I am using the Malware Chameleon per the internet instructions to clear the Disk Antivirus Professional. I followed directions and downloaded SVChost.exe to a flash drive on another computer that is not infected, then uploaded it to infected computer anf followed instructions, Everything worked to the point of the black window with white text and I got to the line "Killing known malicious processes, please wait...." I have been waiting 15 minutes and the next line has not come up in the window the ...."done" message. My question is, how long should I expect to wait for this "killing" to take place or is the Chameleon not working for some reason. thanks, Carguy Fort Worth, TX