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  1. Thank you for the update. This literally started happening in the middle of a gaming session. I have had the problem before, but it was with a wireless network card that I no longer use and it was before I started using Malwarebytes. I now using a different wireless adapter that plugs into my onboard ethernet port. I rebooted my system, pulled up DPC Latency Checker and turned the protection module on and off watching the lag spike and then consistently go red whenever it was on. I can post screen and my system specs if that would help.
  2. So, tonight, out of nowhere I started to get system lag. Using DPC Latency Checker I narrowed the problem down to my network adapter. Disabling it ended the lag. The problem of course is I need that to get online. A thread on another forum suggest turning off Malwarebytes Protection Module and that did solve the problem. Obviously I'd rather have it running. Anyone else have this problem? Can it be fixed in an update?