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  1. I gotta be honest here, and I am not trying to sound rude, however you say you remove virut. That is a little misleading, as Virut infects all .exe and .scr files on a comp there is almost no way to get rid of it without a full reformat. If MBAM was to remove all infections it would remove those files, which are necessary for the computer to run. I had a virut infection, and MBAM did a good job of removing the immediate infections but was unable to remove the infection in full because of its polymorphic ability. The fact is there is currently no way to clean a system infected with Virut without a full reformat that I am aware of, please correct me if i am incorrect.
  2. Wiat never mind on that :-) found the answer to my question with that handy little search button at the top. :-)
  3. Great job on 1.37, posted it to BleepingComputer Forums (where I help at malware removal) the day of the release. Curiousity, is there anyway to get on the beta list for MBAM products in general?