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  1. it seems to get a database update, then a program update (if available), which then in turn needs another database update. why not get the program update first and only do one database update. be nice for those of us who don't have super fast internet. Thanks.
  2. So, after finding a thread covering this topic on Wilders, it seems I'm not alone with the issue. Looks like the program is working 'as coded' but people being confused as to the wording of those two update options. To get notified of new program updates AND have MBAM download them, you have to have the first option ticked. The second option has nothing to do with being notified there are newly released program updates, it only is used if the first option has downloaded the update already.
  3. I only knew v1.75 was available because I went to the website to check. I have Download and install program update if available turned off BUT Notify me when a program update is ready for installation ticked. So I would have thought the software would notify me that one was available. When I Check for updates, only database updates were downloaded. Am I doing something wrong or is this a problem?.