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  1. I just wanted to extend my Thank Yous to your support staff team, especially Chris, Pete and anyone else who listened in on the 4+ hour long conference call between me and Symantec's support team. I have just finished curing the other two systems at this one client. Again, Thank you for all of your help with helping to get this resolved. -Will
  2. The H drive is their networked Home drive.
  3. Attached log from PC #1. I must have this resolved on all 3 PCs today. This cannot stretch to Monday. I will be going through there this afternoon. Please advise. Thank you. -Will Result.txt
  4. PC #2 had the exact same end result. I am NOT going to bother attempting to approach PC #3 right now. I re-ran the mbam check and dds scans. Another screenshot and those logs are attached. Please advise. Thank you. -Will attach.txt CheckResults.txt dds.txt
  5. Followed the steps you provided me for PC #1. Same result on SEP. Re-ran the MBAM Check and DDS scans after completing the reinstall of SEP. Screenshot of SEP and logs are attached. I am right now starting to see if this makes a difference for PC #2. If not, I am NOT touching PC #3. Please advise. Thank you. -Will attach.txt CheckResults.txt dds.txt
  6. PC #3 is attached. All three were impacted by the false positive update two weeks ago. -Will attach.txt CheckResults.txt dds.txt
  7. PC #2 is attached. attach.txt CheckResults.txt dds.txt
  8. I have 3 PCs at this client site that are showing the same thing with SEP. I have logs from two of the PCs. I am awaiting the third user to finish what she's working on before I can gain access to her system. Each PC will post as a seperate reply. PC #1 is attached. attach.txt CheckResults.txt dds.txt
  9. Symantec Endpoint Protection appears to have been broken by this update. I have already tried to uninstall, do a clean wipe of SEP and reinstall to get the same result on two PCs at my client site. You will find an attached photo below. How do we go about resolving this? -Will
  10. Figure I might get faster support here.... Below is verbatim from the support ticket I've submitted. Brand-spanking new laptop, not even one week out of the box. Windows 7 x64 bit Dell Latitude E6430. Has paid version of MBAM on it. System cannot boot. Upon boot up, I get the Windows Boot Manager saying it cannot find file: \Windows\system32\winload.exe. Status: 0xc000000f Info: The selected entry could not be loaded because the application is missing or corrupt. I cannot get past this window in normal bootup, safe mode, safe mode with networking. There are no system restore points yet as this machine is less than 1 week old. The Startup Repair failed. What now?
  11. I cannot even boot into safe mode on these windows 7 machines. Now what?