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  1. Also, on proboards, they are saying it's a false positive. One of the admins downloaded malwarebytes and got the same thing.
  2. I have been getting these blocks as well. I had a malwarebytes tech look over my logs, and use combofix to check and clear my stuff, and everything came back good. I've gotten these IP blocks before he had me do these things, and I'm getting them after. Help me understand how this works. I am not going onto that website. So what is triggering it? And why did nothing show up in my logs or when combofix ran?
  3. Also, I found this on the proboards. http://support.proboards.com/thread/461162 it appears other people are getting it as well. Thanks for the reply.
  4. Thanks. No, it doesn't look familiar. Should it?
  5. I've been getting this address, and after a fresh install and swapping to a brand new SSD, I'm still getting the IP block messages from the address.
  6. I responded to the support ticket email with my results. Is that okay?
  7. I am a user of malwarebytes Pro. Okay, so I made those logs, where do I send them?
  8. What is "order number" in the contact customer support page?
  9. I forgot to add more. So I'm just wondering what I should do here. Do I have something? I'm pretty new to all of this. Should I just do a clean install of windows?
  10. Hi, I just built my first PC and I'm using Avast (free version) and paid version of Malwarebytes Pro. Everything has been going well until yesterday. I got a window that came up that said something like "Microsoft antivirus has found critical" something. I didn't write it down so I forgot what the rest said. I clicked it off, and when I went to shut down my computer, I had forgot to exit out of google and on the "Force shutdown" screen it said there was 1 virus on my computer. I have ran tons of scans with Avast and MWBP full and quick and have found nothing. I'm pretty worried. ANd in my Malwarebytes logs, there are tons of "IP Block" messages.