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  1. Oh dear... I suppose I'll have to uninstall and find another product... tx!
  2. No it's Microsoft® Windows® Server 2003, Standard Edition SP2..
  3. Hi...thanks for your response... Perhaps I should have provided some more information... This is an email server... so there'd be no skype or P2P programs running on it... These are INCOMING SMTP connections not outbound connections... In addition, the log files consumed over 3GB of space over a 3 day period... the logfiles are so big that they cannot be opened in notepad... and take forever to load up.. today's logfile so far is 777mb... Again, blocking the same IP's over and over... So my question again is are the IP's actually being blocked? and if so, why does mbam continuously block the same IP address? The IP address in my sample message is repeatedly being blocked...leading me to believe it's not really being blocked... I've checked on where it's coming in from and by experience these countries are known hacker, viral, spam havens... https://apps.db.ripe.net/search/query.html?searchtext=+
  4. Hi... am new to using malwarebytes and had a quick question... Malwarebytes keeps notifiying that a particular IP address was blocked... If the IP address was blocked initially, why does it keep notifying that the same IP address is being blocked, over and over? see eg below... 2013/04/23 11:00:53 -0400 IP-BLOCK (Type: incoming) 2013/04/23 11:00:55 -0400 IP-BLOCK (Type: incoming) 2013/04/23 11:01:01 -0400 IP-BLOCK (Type: incoming) 2013/04/23 11:01:13 -0400 IP-BLOCK (Type: incoming) 2013/04/23 11:01:19 -0400 IP-BLOCK (Type: incoming) 2013/04/23 11:01:22 -0400 IP-BLOCK (Type: incoming) 2013/04/23 11:01:25 -0400 IP-BLOCK (Type: incoming) In addition, is there somewhere we can set the maximum size of these logfiles?