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  1. Oh yes! You are right - it works this way. Earlier I had the regular acount admin and just recently transformed it to user acount and have different admin, and it didnt cross my mind to try run the program as admin. So thank you very much for the help.
  2. Hello, I use Malwarebytes Anti-malware program for some time now with other antimalware programs, and I use it for scans few times a week. I do like it so I tried the trial to see if there are any realtime hits - if there is a need for me to upgrade, but there were no hits during that time period. So than I unistalled the trial version and installed the free version again, now obviously and undestandably the trial button is disabled. But also the Check for Updates buton is disabled and I cannot do the updates from the program. I tried to remove and reinstall the program several times, used the older mbam-clean program but it stays the same and the update is disabled. Is this expected behavior? Can I do anythng about it? Thanks for help