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  1. ok so i had the CWS spyware/adware last week but i also had these errors that were popping up allthe time. they would say ld****.tmp has encountered a problem and must shut down. I figured that it must be part of the CWS but when i was rid of it i still had these errors. i did a search for the files but found them in this directory: C:\WINDOWS\System32\1024\. The **** have all generally been different numbers and letters but they would never be the same twice. When i would leave my computer on overnight i would end up with 15 of them with all different numbers. Ihave heard that it may bee a virus that makes itself appear to be msn messenger. i just had one ppop up the screen shot is located here or i have attached it
  2. I had the same problem but i was directed to a program called CWShredder here hopefully this helps you fix coolwebsearch. Also you should check your running proccesses for anything that starts with win followed by 3 numbers or letters and ending with .tmp.exe