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  1. Well, I think I've waited long enough and unfortunately it's Malwarebytes who must lose out. In order to protect my system with Norton's Security Suite I have no choice but to remove your software, as my internet provider incorporates Norton into their service without an additional charge I'd be a fool to go any other way. I will however RE-download your program should the need arise. Sorry you two couldn't resolve this matter.
  2. To be clear Exhile 360, Norton has MORE than issued a warning on this matter, at least in MY experience. My Norton program cannot be opened as long as I have Malwarebytes on my computer. So here I am paying for their program while they hold it hostage and leave me succeptable to virus's, worms and malware, etc... Norton's gotten too big for their britches. Maybe the time is ripe to kick them to the curb!
  3. For the record, here is a post I put up today on Norton's forum site: Iceman107 Visitor ‎05-18-2013 11:14 PM Well since Norton has thusfar failed to properly acknowledge this problem in the form of issuing a patch and admitting their error I must continue with the pile-on: I (like other Norton subscribers) have (and will continue to do so) used Malwarebytes in conjunction with Norton. Been using both for years. Apparently Norton now feels threatened by Malwarebytes to the point of issuing in their recent update that anyone using Malarebytes will NOT be able to also use Norton and request that we THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE PAID OUR HARD EARNED MONEY FOR THEIR SECURITY AND ANTI-VIRUS PROGRAM delete Malwarebytes if we want to continue the benefits of Norton's service...THAT WE ALREADY PAID FOR! In other words, users of Malwarebytes are being **bleep**-slapped by a jealous Norton who holds our security and anti-virus program hostage until we delete Malwarebytes! Are we going to stand for this bull**bleep**? Sounds to me like Norton owes me for the FULL cost of purchase of their program and than I can move on to a FAR better program that 'plays nice' with Malwarebytes...namely Kaspersky. What's it gonna be Norton? It's been long enough! It's time to **bleep** or get off the pot...and cut me a check!
  4. A picture is worth a thousand words. See attachment.