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  1. I recently noticed that the traybar balloon saying that "Internet Explorer is protected" only comes up once now, the first time I launch IE 11 after rebooting my system. (Windows 7). After the first time, each time I launch IE I do not get a traybar balloon anymore unless I reboot my computer and then it comes up only once again. This just started happening in the last 24 - 48 hours. In the past I got the traybar balloon each time I launched IE. Thanks for any help.
  2. I had exactly the same problem and it even froze on the same file during a custom full scan. I disabled rootkit scanning and that solved the problem but that still means I am not getting a rootkit scan. I left archive scanning on and that seemed to be fine. Any suggestions? Thanks
  3. Thanks for your reply. Is there a charge for that update? Thanks
  4. Hi Bruce, Yes I have updated and after I restore the file from quarantine MBAM just quarantines it again. I'm not sure what to do now. Thanks
  5. I have been using MBAM pro for years and Abrosoft FantaMorph 4 for years and now MBAM is putting the .exe file in quarantine as a backdoor agent. There has never been a problem with it before. Is this a false positive? Thanks
  6. I am having the same problem with FantaMorph 4.1 I have had this program for years with no problems. Is this a false positive?
  7. I just started using G Data Internet Security and when I have my MBAE 9.5.1000 on it gives me the attached alert when I open IE11. If I stop and exit MBAE the alert from G Data stops when I open IE11. It comes from the module called Bank Guard in G Data. G Data log ID 13.txt
  8. Now that this subject has been brought up, I am looking for a strong internet security program with a good firewall that will play nice with my MBAM Pro. I was using McAfee but don't have much faith in it anymore. I am trying Bitdefender now and so far it seems to be okay and working well with MBAM Pro but would love a little feedback as to what others have found to be good "strong" solutions that work well with MBAM Pro. Thanks
  9. Wow...what did you do with all that extra time?
  10. So far no problems. Thanks for the help Pedro.
  11. I was having the same problem with ie11 and the new version of mbae. I had no problem with the old version. I finally had to uninstall mbae.
  12. What kind of information will this collect and what kind of information will I be posting on a forum? Thanks
  13. Thanks Ron (AdvancedSetup) Over the last few weeks Malwarebytes was blocking IPs from the Netherlands, Russia, China and even the U.S. I did google the IPs to find out where they were from. It was always outgoing through port 137 and I am still curious why my computer was trying to access these sites. So far, since I disabled the NetBIOS over TCP/IP, the problem seems to have gone away but I just did it earlier today.