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  1. Thganks for the help. I will change the screensaver.
  2. Thanks for the advise, however, the original post which I didn't make clear I guess was about the DOS window that installs Malwarebytes using the Chameleon interface. I want to stop Chameleon from using a DOS window to attempt to install, update and scan the computer. I used the MBam Chameleon screensaver in Chameleon to get Malwarebytes installed, updated and scan the computer to remove the trojan/virus and it worked. Now, randomly, the DOS interface (same program is initially used to install Malwarebytes using Chameleon Screensaver) for Chameleon pops up and attempts to run with msg: "Press any key to continue". I will address the others problems on the computer but want to stop Chameleon from opening a user uncommanded DOS window. Thanks for any help with this.
  3. DDS.txt and Attach.txt attach.txt dds.txt
  4. Hi Delty, Thanks for quick response. I will not be able to run the script/program until tomorrow (Thursday) on the problem computer as it is at a remote location and I am only there a few days a week. I will post the info asap.
  5. I used Chameleon to install, update and scan for virus. Virus found and removed, however, no the DOS window pops up on occasion and wants to do it all over again. How can I stop the DOS window from popping up.